Meka G-Unit [Continued]

On the main page of the software it shows a full layout of the keyboard with different profiles.

Programming page

It Allows users to change the backlighting with both the physical keyboard and the programing software


  • 1 button to disable the windows key
  • Adjustable lighting level
  • Easy to use macro software
  • Cherry MX Black Switch
  • On board USB 2.0 hub


  • Adjusted key layout
  • Limited lighting option
  • Using USB 2.0 cable for sound
  • Not all mini-b to USB type A cables fit


It has very good build quality with 1000Hz polling rate, which cuts down the latency and improved the performance noticeably. MEKA G-Unit’s improvement is directly made from the previous generation the MEKA G1 gaming keyboard. With 12 programmable macro keys and adjustable backlighting as well as 4 + 3 dedicated media keys greatly improves overall end-user experience.

In terms of layout Thermaltake should have kept the standard keyboard layout like the MEKA G1 to avoid end user errors.

Cable management can be improved as well.


HP Wireless Classic Desktop

I recently needed a new keyboard and mouse. So, I did some research and decided upon the HP “Wireless classic desktop” combo. It contained a generic keyboard and mouse sending a signal to a single USB receiver.

The Keyboard Has the usual key layout with a number pad to the right. Hot keys are located to the left and right. The left side has buttons for: Computer, Internet Home, Mail, Calculator, and Search. The right side has the Media keys for play/pause, stop, mute, and volume up/down.

The feel of the keyboard is great for a low-cost alternative and noise level during typing is minimal, not as quiet as a slim keyboard but not as bad as the $5.00 generic competition.

The Mouse is amazing for the price and has a button for turning it on/off to conserve battery life. The sensitivity is a bonus as well, it’s very responsive during game play or generic computer usage.

The only down fall of this combo is the keyboard sensitivity. During fast typing it will occasionally leave out a letter or two. Most of the time this occurs during a pause or break in which you don’t type for a few minutes.

Price for the HP classic desktop combo was $30.00.

My final judgment for this review is you get what you pay for. It’s a great setup, but does have a few glitches.

 – Chris

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