Joby LED Gorillapod Light

The Gorilla tripod has many uses and can be rigged to use many different pieces of equipment.

I do quite a bit of video shooting and editing. I’m always in need of new lights and better equipment; enter the Joby Gorilla light.

I acquired this LED light for $15 and it has a claimed battery life of 20 hours on full blast.

The features of this inexpensive light are astonishing. It has a dim knob to control light levels, a Gorillapod on which it is mounted for creatie light placement. The battery requirements are just three AA’s. The coolest feature about this light is that it has magnetic feet. The magnetic feet will allow you to use it for changing the oil in your car, working on a computer, and of course shooting video in low light cramped areas.

Overall the Joby Gorillapod light is a very useful piece of equipment. Everyone should have some form or variation of this light. For whatever application you need it for, it will perform spectacularly!



About Chris
A runner of multiple blogs and websites. I also specialize in video and media content production.

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