How to save $200 on a new computer

Computers are used everyday by just about everybody. When we buy them we generally just go for what everybody else has; just another stamped out box of machinery. I’m the exception to this, and I’d like to make you as well.

To save $200 on a new computer all you need is time, some money, and patience.

First, go to or (both are reputable computer parts websites) and find “bare-bones” kits. These kits are a starting point for making your new computer. They generally contain a motherboard to plug all your components into, a CPU or the brain of the computer, and a case to put it all into.

Motherboard, CPU, and other basic computer components…

Once you’ve found one that suits you, navigate to the power supply section (if not included in your original kit). For generic platforms you want one that supports up to 500 watts.

You will need memory to make it all function as well, so make sure to match RAM to your motherboard (most support DDR2 or DDR3) and get 2-4 gigabytes of RAM. You will also need a hard drive as a main storage device. I would recommend getting one with at least 500 gigabytes so that you can store all those media files, songs, movies, etc.

After you’ve bought all of these components you can begin to assemble it. Assembly usually takes a couple of hours for an amateur to piece it together.

After it is put together you can install an operating system, or (OS) as tech geeks call it. If you want to save even more money go for a Linux-based OS, or you can stick with Windows.

For the physical computer components of a basic computer you can buy and piece it together for $300, or you can increase the power and get a media center type computer capable of producing and editing movies for $500-600.

When compared to what you would pay for a Dell desktop, you would save at least $200 on basic computer components.


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