2.5 reasons why Apple Sucks

The massively popular Apple corporation is a fad and should never be considered a professional company. Bold statement right?!

Here’s why….

I can’t replace the laptop battery myself??? WHAT?!

1) Owners can not fix Apple products themselves…

Suppose you buy a Mac book and your battery dies. On a Windows laptop you can just slide a lock and it all slides off the laptop. Easy to replace. However if your Mac needs a new battery guess what? You have to send it to Apple…Now you’re without a computer for at LEAST a week.

Touche Apple….touche….

2) Apple owners are like Toyota Prius owners.

They find any reason to show off how much of a pop culture icon they are. Go into any coffee shop or college classroom, 9 times out of 10 you will find at least someone with a mac product. Much like Prius owners Mac owners seem to have this undeserved sense of self worth only because they are following the rest of the sheep and being in the “in-crowd”.

“Oh, you’re typing a book at a coffee shop? I guess you need to be seen publicly with you’re mac laptop to be a professional writer these days….”

2.5) Why does it cost $1,200?

The lowest price for a mac laptop is around $1,199. It ONLY goes up from there and can get quite scary when you consider what it costs to replace components outside of warranties.

Go to Dell’s website, a similar computer is about $800. Seriously if you had $1,200 to spend why would you pay for a laptop that is maybe only worth $800 in component parts?

I can say conclusively that Apple is after your money…The real question is are you gullible enough to let them take $1200 for a polished turd?


About Chris
A runner of multiple blogs and websites. I also specialize in video and media content production.

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